With the absurdly rapid advance of technology, a lot has changed in the labor market. Today we have young leaders responsible for huge teams of much older and experienced professionals. We live in the age of wonders.

Just to illustrate, in 2014 a 14 year old Brazilian kid , created an app to facilitate the commerce/exchange of school books . It was, indeed, a great idea, and at the time he already had 3000 customers and was making over R$100k per month. (Later i found out that, although it was his idea, he was only the face of the company. He was smart enough to hire an older and more experienced CEO)

Surprised?. I`m not, hence in this new reality, 3 year old kids are already surfing the web and playing with their iPads. It is not that hard to find kids at the age of 12,13,14 already developing their own games.

When I refer to the “age of wonders” i`m talking about a legion of young adults who took a ride in this movement and have come to a point where they call themselves : “expert”, “coach”, “CEO” – even when their first and only business are sites and blogs that they call companies.


They are children who barely have life experience, (still wearing diapers 🙂 ) ruled by mantras like: “conquer the attention of customers in 2 minutes without spending a penny”, “7 steps to becoming a successful writer and earn millions” , “10 things successful people do every morning”, “find out how many hours of sleep successful people have”, “five tips to make your first million before 30” etc…

It is just me or lately the receipt of success is to follow these enumerating rules broadly spread online? Follow these steps and succeed in life. Guaranteed.

The importance that young minds bring to the market is undeniable. In my opinion this is what drives innovation. Fresh minds, fresh ideas.

The challenge is to mix this eagerness with the knowledge of those experienced minds who have made mistakes and were able to overcome them.

Been there, done that !