Last week`s Microsoft event was quite possibly the best MS event I have ever seen and left me,for the first time in a long time, genuinely impressed. This post`s title refers to Panos Panay, right before he introduced the Surface Pro 4.

The event was an absolute success, but historically speaking, Microsoft hasn’t enjoyed this kind of hype, especially in recent years. Just to name a few: Zune,  Kin, Windows Vista, and even (although i liked it)Windows 8. They each had their own unique problems ranging from poor execution, failure to follow through, poor marketing, or not being fully realized. This is largely due to corporate bureaucracy, poor decision making, and (imho) Ballmer`s vision.


And don`t get me wrong here. In a certain way we owe the October 6th event to Mr. Ballmer.

Under his era, Microsoft dug into hardware with both the Surface and smartphones with their serious coin purchase of Nokia. Without those, it’s quite possible the event this week wouldn’t have existed. At all. Balmer`s “One Microsoft” vision unfortunately failed to put Microsoft at a place it deserved to be.

ballmer grande

Under Satya Nadella and his “Cloud First, Mobile First” philosophy , Microsoft has put a strong emphasis on the importance of the cloud and software adapting to provide great experiences to users. Without this, the ecosystem as a whole becomes a lot less compelling to consumers.

The Microsoft we saw on stage has been a long time coming and was made possible by the decisions above.

And once you embrace this path is hard to change it`s course.

Today`s Microsoft is consistent. They know their role and are not afraid to stick with it`s guts and to be innovative at the same time. Microsoft doesn’t have to prove anything. They came up with a great product that, despite the initial struggle has it`s place.

Microsoft already won, when it comes to the “tablet that can replace your laptop.” But…

Oct. 5, 2011 - (File photo) STEVE JOBS – the man who brought us the iPhone and the iMac – has died. The co-founder of Apple Computers was 56 years old. Jobs had been battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer for years. He resigned from post of Apple CEO in Aug. PICTURED: Jun. 11, 2007 – San Francisco, CA, USA – Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Officer STEVE JOBS speaking at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) at the Moscone Center. (Credit Image: © Jerome Brunet/

Yes they did it! Just like the first Surface (yes.. that one running Windows RT) this time Microsoft came up with something totally unexpected.


Microsoft is fun again !